Feedback from the 1st few FRTOL practical tests…

Having done a few of the new FRTOL practical tests now, some themes are beginning to emerge, here are a few that I made a note of…

  1. Where a CAP413 procedure exists and this procedure is demanded by the FRTOL route, then the procedure the candidate uses must be as per CAP413. A number of candidates are using procedures that do not accurately reflect those in CAP413.
  2. Using words and phrases that are not included in CAP413 Section 2.18 Standard Words and Phrases should not be used i.e. “copy” e.g. in the context of receiving the weather, “looking” or “keeping a good lookout” e.g. when receiving traffic information.
  3. Incorrect pronunciation of numbers e.g. “Fifteen” instead of “Wun Fife”, ”Two zero zero zero” instead of ”Too tousand”
  4. Understanding the difference between the different Categories of Service i.e. Air Traffic Control (ATC), Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) and Air Ground Communication Service (AGCS). Specifically, knowing the difference between “Report lined up” in the AFIS context and “Runway ##, line up and wait” in the ATC context.
  5. Incorrect initial call made when inbound to an airfield that provides AGCS, AFIS and AGCS.
  6. Understanding that the concept of ATSOCAS does not exist inside CAS.
  7. Including the ’request’ element of the procedure to the initial call and excluding it from the response to ”Pass your message”.
  8. The correct response when passed traffic information: ”Traffic in sight” or ”Traffic not sighted” phrases like ”Keeping a good look out” or simply ”Looking” are non-standard and not really that helpful to the serving ATSU.

For the ATOs/DTOs…

  1. Candidates who are not attending a recognised course of pilot training may self-certify, those that are attending a recognised course of training may not self-certify. CAP 2118 Section 6.2 refers, as does page 2 of CAP 2325.
  2. A candidate who completed the old paper-based Communications exam (there may still be a few around!) need to bring their CAA5016 Course Completion Certificate with Section 3 completed as evidence of having completed their Communication theory exam. The only people who the CAA permit to sign Section 2 of the CAA 5003 are UK FRTOL Examiners. Logically then, this can only be completed prior to a FRTOL Practical Test when the Communication exam was invigilated by a FRTOL Examiner who is also a Ground Examiner and the candidate completed their Communication theory exam with one FRTOL Examiner before going to another FRTOL Examiner to attempt their FRTOL Practical Test – I cannot see that happening a lot!
  3. Please make sure that the candidate has read CAP 2325!

I’ll continue to add to this list as I conduct more FRTOL practical tests…

FRTOL Practical Test

Having successfully passed the FRTOL Examiner Assessment of Competence (ECoA) yesterday, as of today, Sunday 24th July 2022, Andrews’ Aviation is offering the new FRTOL practical test.