Thank you so much for this morning, I walked into a lovely warm welcoming atmosphere and gentleman full of knowledge of the industry that helped me enormously with my confidence with the RT exam.
Louise, Honiton

“Thank you for yesterday the whole thing was delivered in a professional clear and precise way. The manner in which you delivered the test and course overall I thought was excellent.

Thanks again.”
Neil, Gloucester

“I had been struggling with getting my radio licence and even given up with previous instructors, thankfully I found Andrew who has a magic way to explain everything to me in a way I could understand and even made it fun. I passed both my exams after just a few lessons and now have my radio license all thanks Andrew.”
Tom, Westonzoyland

“Andrew was a superb teacher, who secured my quick understanding of the material as a non-native speaker. I would recommend his effective teaching to anyone, namely due to his useful tips and tricks.”
Victoria, Austria

“I could not recommend more Andrew. He has been extremely flexible so that the Radiotelephony test wouldn’t be such a pain as it could be seen, coming from abroad. I really liked his approach in preparing the test, an open and frank discussion which clearly made it possible to take the actual exam in a relaxed and positive mind set. Andrew also prepared all the documentation needed, and provided me with everything so that I just had to drop the envelope in the mail box. Thanks again Andrew.”
Mattéo, France

“Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed the Radio Telephophy (RT) course. I found Andrew to be an excellent, enthusiastic and patient teacher.
Whilst learning RT seemed a daunting prospect, mainly due to my last teacher, this course was enjoyable to learn and more importantly was run at a pace I could understand. 
Having now passed my RT exams, I will be using my new skills to get the most from my flying and look forward to building upon the knowledge I learnt from this course.”
Jon, Newton Abbott

“Dear Andrew, I wanted to email you to let you know that I received my brand new blue EASA FCL PPL A today with the included RT and new level 6 language proficiency endorsement. I followed your suggestions to the letter and didn’t change a coma. Thank you for your guidance & helping me to get back into General Aviation flying. Kind regards” 
John, Nottinghamshire

“I was lucky enough to be recommended Andrews’ RT School when looking for my RT Radio Course and he certainly lived up to the recommendation and expectations.
The class was fun with some good banter through the evening, however all the fundamental parts of the course were explained and open to questions when required, it was a relaxed atmosphere which helped with absorbing the information.
When I passed my practical exam I could not believe how quick and straight forward this was with Andrew’s patience and expertise, it does sound daunting but that soon disappears with Andrew’s teaching skills – Thank you Andrew”
John, Weston-Super-Mare

Having only recently obtained my pilots licence it seemed inevitable that the next step would be the Radio Telephony Course. RT to me was the realm of experienced pilots with thousands of hours talking to faceless men in a confusing language and my participation seemed daunting and the very best I could expect was to not make a complete buffoon of myself. Was I destined to fly around controlled airspace, giving wide berth to a MATZ, never once thinking of flying directly from A to B?
Needless to say I duly signed on a course where a small group of us were introduced to our Instructor, Andrew. Over the coming weeks all the above myths were put to rest. Andrews relaxed style made absorbing the information so much easier. The group sessions were open, full of banter and diverging off subject with various anecdotes made for a very enjoyable time, and puts RT into perspective. Andrew’s professionalism and teaching style couldn’t be faulted and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody in the future. 
Get on one of Andrew’s courses and RT becomes far less daunting and dare I say it, actually quite fun!
Graham, Chard