Q How long does the RTF practical take to complete?
A The RTF practical test is done at the applicants pace and takes up to a little under 2 hours to simulate flying the route and 30mins to brief before the test and debrief afterwards, so please allow 2:30mins

Q What does the Communications theory exam consist of?
A The Communications theory exam consists of 12 questions and the time permitted is 20 minutes.

Q What is the pass mark for the Communication theory exam?
A The pass mark is 75% i.e. 9/12 question or more need to be answered correctly.

Q I already have a flight crew licence, what form should I use to apply for an FRTOL?
A CAA form SRG 1106

Q I am applying for a EASA LAPL/PPL, what form should I used to apply for an FRTOL?
A1 If you are applying by post then you need to complete section 11 of CAA form 1105A and don’t forget to tick the UK FRTOL box in section 6 and add the Communications exam date, paper number and mark in Section 7.
A2 If you are applying online then you need to complete Section 5 of the Course Completion Certificate and upload this with your online application.

Q What is the CAA application fee for an FRTOL?
A As at July 2019 the fee for issue of a FRTOL is £77.00 Except where the applicant is the holder of a licence issued by the UK CAA to act as pilot, flight navigator or flight engineer. See CAA Scheme of Charges See Table 4 in Paragraph 3.5 (Page 5) and Note 2.

Q How do I get my documents certified?
A The UK CAA defines how to get copies of your documents certified here. Of course Andrews’ Aviation can certify documentation for you.

Q My FRTOL has expired!
A That’s easily solved!

Q Do I need a radio licence for my aircraft and/or handheld or does my FRTOL cover me?
A You need a separate aeronautical licence for your aircraft installation and your transportable transceiver if you carry one. The CAA used to manage aeronautical licensing on behalf of Ofcom. The responsibility has now moved to Ofcom Aeronautical Licensing. The application form is here.

Q Are you able to provide accommodation for the 2-day course?
A There is plenty of B&B accommodation within walking distance of our training facility offered at reasonable rates, we are able to provide contact details.

Q My question is not listed, what should I do?
A Easy – “Pass Your Message!”