FRTOL application goes online!

The old SRG1106 paper-based application has been superseded by an online process for FRTOL applications. Please note that the SRG1106 form is titled “Application for Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence – Issue or Renewal” but since the advent of the online process UK CAA seems to have split the initial application and renewal into separate processes – see below!

The online initial application process is much easier than the SRG1106 paper-based system. It requires uploading of a completed form CAA5003: Evidence of UK Examination and Test for Grant of Flight RadioTelephony Operator’s Licence, along with a certified copy of your valid passport or full photographic driving licence.

Note that the online process is for the “Application for Initial Issue of a PPL (A) or (H) or LAPL (A) or (H) and/or a Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence”. When applying only for an FRTOL the flow of the process is simplified to encompass ONLY the fields required for the FRTOL application.

Lastly, the fee (as per the CAA Scheme of Charges) for the issue of the FRTOL is stated in Table 4 under paragraph 3.5 as £77.00 but according to Note 2 to Table 4

Except where the applicant is the holder of a licence issued by the UK CAA to act as pilot, flight navigator or flight engineer. This fee is also applicable for a renewal when the applicant is not the holder of a licence issued by the UK CAA to act as pilot, flight navigator or flight engineer.

This has been embedded into the online application so that if the question regarding the applicant holding an existing licence is answered ‘Yes’ the pre-populated fee box automatically reduces to £0.00, this is great news!

FRTOL Communications Theory and e-Exams

The new UK CAA e-Exam process is bedding in now, however, FRTOL examining arrangements are not part of PPL e-Exams implementation.  

As FRTOL is not in scope of e-exams:

  • FRTOL examiners should continue to use the VHF Communications paper (Subject 090) they have access to. 
  • FRTOL Examiners should recognise a TK exams pass achieved in VHF Communications (Subject 090) delivered by e-exams. 
  • A paper based VHF Comms paper pass undertaken by an FRTOL Examiner will always count towards licence issue.

Further information here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).