UK CAA PPL TK exams are changing!

The conduct of the UK PPL Theoretical Knowledge (TK) exams is currently by Ground Examiners who hold paper copies of all the PPL examinations. A pass in each subject is recorded by the DTO/ATO and entered on to the PPL application form and signed by the Ground Examiner.

The UK CAA are in the process of rolling out a new E-Exam system where the applicant and DTO/ATO will be provided with a login each which will be used to conduct the exams on line digitally. The results then being held by UK CAA. This is similar to the system currently in use for ATPL, CPL and IR TK exams.

The implementation is planned for the first half of 2020 and UK CAA is currently busy communicating this to ATOs/DTOs by means of a roadshow.

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