Radiotelephony Manual CAP 413 Updated

After the recent publication of Edition 23 of the UK CAA’s CAP 413 on 9th April 2020 (effective from 8th June 2020) the UK CAA has published Edition 23 Corr (sic). We’re not sure what Corr actually means, perhaps Correction or Corrigendum either way CAP 413 Edition 23 Corr was published on 8th June 2020 (effective from 17th August 2020).

So what is the difference between Edition 23 and Edition 23 Corr and indeed Edition 22?

Very helpfully UK CAA have added a list of the revisions between Edition 22 and Edition 23 on Page 1 of Edition 23 Corr (if you take your page numbering from the document itself) or Page 21 of 365 (if, like we do, you open the pdf version in a document reader). They have also underlined in red the amended text throughout the document.

  1. Definitions and Glossary previously in Edition 23 on Page 29 of 368 has been removed and added to CAP 1430 – UK Air Traffic Management Vocabulary although at the time of writing (10th June 2020) the current version of CAP 1430 on the CAA website was Version 2 effective 12th October 2017 so expect a new version…
  2. Military Callsigns updated paragraphs 2.39 to 2.47 inclusive (Page 49 of 365)
  3. Aerodrome Phraseology for Helicopters vocabulary boxes updated to reflect callsign placement for rotary wing aircraft i.e. the surface wind now preceding the clearance. In fact this has been done throughout the document but to quote the document “The intention is to show that while there is a preferred order of delivery, there are circumstances under which it may be prudent to deliver the phraseology in another order, for example to emphasise a particular issue i.e an aircraft needing an immediate clearance or it will need to go-around. For that reason, some examples of these differing phraseologies are retained in the manual. These can be found at paragraphs: 4.47; 4.52 and in the table at paragraph 4.84 – Helicopter Operations”
  4. Emergency Phraseology : The placement of the callsign in the minimum fuel transmission has been changed to reflect the requirements of EASA Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) 2018 – 08. i.e. callsign was placed after the words MINIMUM FUEL and it is now afterwards e.g. “G-ABCD MINIMUM FUEL”
  5. Military Specific Phraseology has had a complete administrative re-write

Happy Reading!