Communications Theoretical Knowledge (TK) Exam

The Communication theory examination consists of 12 questions, of which the candidate is required to indicate the correct or nearest correct answer from a selection of 4 possible answers to each question. The time allowed for the examination is 20 minutes. To pass successfully the candidate must answer a minimum of 9 out of 12 questions correctly (75%).

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The syllabus is based on Learning Objectives (LOs) outlined in:
EASA Part-FCL Subpart C Alternate Means of Compliance and Guidance Material (AMC and GM) and UK CAA Alternative Means of Compliance 1 FCL.210; FCL.215 Syllabus of Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training for the PPL(A) (CAP1298)”

The UK CAA publish Learning Objectives (LOs) i.e. the syllabus. This can be found via the UK CAA eExam portal here. If you have registered for UK CAA eExam and you may not have done so since examining for a standalone FRTOL (i.e. when training for a microlight, gliding, NPPL etc) is currently outside the scope of the eExam process, then you can find the Learning Objectives (LOs) document here.

Don’t forget that currently, the Communications theory exam is out of the scope of the UK CAA’s e-Exam rollout for issuing a standalone Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence.

Communications TK Exam Validity

The CAA Website. Looking under ‘Exam Validity’ it states:

If you take the Radiotelephony Communications test together with the theoretical exams for the issue of a PPL, LAPL or NPPL licence, all exams must be passed within 18 months.

The Communications examination will be valid for 24 months after the final theoretical examination.

UK CAA further clarified this on 24th November 2022

If the Communications theory examination paper is taken along with the other examinations for the issue of a LAPL, PPL or NPPL then the validity period is based on the whole examination set and the 24-month period is calculated from the date the final examination was passed.
However, If the Communication theory examination paper is taken as a stand-alone examination (e.g. for the purposes of applying for the Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence (FRTOL) only) then the 24-month period starts from the date of successfully passing that examination paper.