Communications Theoretical Knowledge (TK) Exam

The Communication theory examination consists of 12 questions of which the candidate is required to indicate the correct or nearest correct answer from a selection of 4 possible answers to each question. The time allowed for the examination is 20 minutes. To pass successfully the candidate must answer a minimum of 9 out of 12 questions correctly (75%)

The syllabus is based on Learning Objectives (LOs) outlined in:
EASA Part-FCL Subpart C Alternate Means of Compliance and Guidance Material (AMC and GM) and
UK CAA Alternative Means of Compliance 1 FCL.210; FCL.215 Syllabus of Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training for the PPL(A) (CAP1298)”

Helpfully, the CAA provide SRG 1171 a helpful practical training guide.

Don’t forget that currently Communications theory exam is out of scope of the UK CAA’s e-Exam rollout.