Training in Pilot’s Own Aircraft
Andrews’ Aviation is able to provide training in pilot’s own aircraft
Day Visual Flight Training £40.00 per hour
Night Visual Flight Training £50.00 per hour
Day/Night Instrument Flight Training £50.00 per hour

Ground School & Examinations
1:1 Coaching – £40.00 per hour
– EASA Theory Examination(s) – £42.98 per eExam (this includes the current UK CAA fee of £12.98 per eExam from April 2024)
– 1:1 Ground School Single or Multi-Subject Accelerator£350.00 (7 hrs 1:1)

– 1:1 Coaching – We recommend FlyerDavidUK‘s 1:1 Remote Coaching Sessions for rehearsals and pre-test brush-ups!
– Larger groups accommodated by arrangement, please “Pass your message!”
Communications Theory Exam – £30.00 (UK CAA still permits paper exams and, unlike the eExams, no CAA fee is charged on paper exams)
FRTOL Practical Test sitting- £120.00
– Language Proficiency Informal Assessment – £30.00

The full FRTOL coaching course lasts 12 hours (2 days) and covers in detail all the elements of the CAA’s Training Syllabus. The 1-day accelerator coaching course (6 hrs) assumes a period of pre-course private study has been completed and some ‘sharpening of the pencil’ is required for either the Communications theoretical knowledge exam or the FRTOL practical test or both!

If you require simulated practical coaching focussing simply on departure or arrivals procedures, en route or emergencies, or a deeper dive, we provide a complete portfolio of courses and instruction. Depending on your learning style, some students prefer private study and others instructor-led coaching sessions; either individual or group.