CAP 2325 – Guidance for FRTOL Practical Test Candidates

UK CAA have published their new CAP2325 Guidance for FRTOL Practical Test Candidates. Under the new FRTOL assessment regime, prior to booking the Practical Test, the candidate must complete form SRG1171 and present this to the FRTOL Examiner. Form SRG1171 confirms that the minimum required Radiotelephony training has been completed prior to the Practical Test. It also confirms to the FRTOL Examiner that the candidate is aware of the subject matter and knowledge required in order to pass the test.

Form SRG1171 must be signed by the person at the ATO, DTO or Training Organisation responsible for the training. Candidates who are not attending a recognised course of pilot training may self-certify. However, it is the responsibility of the FRTOL Examiner to first verify by questioning that the candidate has reached a satisfactory level of knowledge, prior to the Practical Test attempt.

Use of SRG1171 is mandatory from 1st June 2022 for all FRTOL Practical Test applicants. This mandatory requirement also includes applicants who will be attempting the outgoing RTF Practical Test with Examiners who have yet to transfer to the new system.