Andrews’ Aviation is based in the heart of the West Country within easy reach of Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas of Somerset and Gloucestershire. We offer flight training & examination for the EASA PPL, EASA LAPL and NPPL(SSEA), ground school & examining for the theory syllabus and testing for the Flight RadioTelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL)*.

Between them, the Andrews have half a century of General Aviation (GA) experience flying Single Engine Piston (SEP) and Multi Engine Piston (MEP) aircraft around the UK and Europe VFR and IFR. They hold EASA Flight Instructor (FI(A)) ratings and are approved to instruct PPL, LAPL, NPPL, IMC/IR(R) and Night Ratings; both Andrews hold full EASA Instrument Ratings and also conduct pre-ATO CB-IR instruction. They also hold RTF Examiner and Ground Examiner (GR(A)) certificates.

*aka “RT Licence” or “RTF Licence”

Why learn to fly with us?

Learning to fly is as much about where you learn to fly and your connection with your instructor as anything else. At Andrews’ Aviation there are only two instructors so if you like the idea of building a sense of trust and respect without swapping to a different instructor every flight then Andrews’ Aviation is for you.

Andrews’ Aviation is grass roots stick ‘n’ rudder flying with two instructors who just love giving others the gift of freedom that is flying a light aircraft!

Andrews’ Aviation hold Declared Training Organisation (GBR.DTO-165) status with the UK CAA.